(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. security, guaranty, guarantee; gage, warranty, bond, tie, pledge, plight, mortgage, debenture, hypothecation, bill of sale, lien, pawn; stake, deposit, earnest, collateral. See promise.
2. (record of security) promissory note; bill [of exchange]; IOU; covenant, acceptance, endorsement, signature; execution, stamp, seal; sponsor, sponsorship; surety, bail; hostage; recognizance; indemnity; authentication, verification, warrant, certificate, voucher, record; probate, attested copy; receipt, acquittance; discharge, release.
3. (certificate) title deed, instrument; deed, deed poll; assurance, insurance, indenture; charter, compact; paper, parchment, settlement, will, testament, last will and testament; codicil.
4. (types of insurance) no-fault, personal injury, mortgage, [major] medical, liability, life, disability, disaster, health, fire, group, malpractice, term [life], or unemployment insurance; Social Security, workmen's compensation.
5. (insurance terms) mortality table, premium, adjustor, actuary, agent, carrier; insured, policyholder; insurer, underwriter.
Verbs — secure; give security, give bail, go bail; put up, deposit, pawn, mortgage, hypothecate; guarantee, pledge, ensure, warrant, assure; accept, endorse, underwrite, insure; execute, stamp; sign, seal.
Adjectives — secure, guaranteed, warrantied, bonded, pledged. Slang, in the bag.
Quotations — Who will guard the guardians themselves? (Juvenal), Security is like liberty in that many are the crimes that are committed in its name (Robert H. Jackson).
Antonyms, see danger.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Safety]
Syn. protection, shelter, safety, refuge, retreat, defense, safeguard, preservation, sanctuary, ward, guard, immunity, freedom from harm, freedom from danger, redemption, salvation.
Ant. danger*, risk, hazard.
2. [A guarantee]
Syn. earnest, forfeit, token, pawn, pledge, surety, bond, collateral, assurance, gage, bail, certainty, promise, warranty, pact, compact, contract, covenant, agreement, sponsor, bondsman, hostage; see also protection 2 .
Ant. doubt*, broken faith, unreliability.
3. [Stability]
Syn. soundness, assurance, surety; see confidence 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. confidence fearlessness, assurance, peace of mind, certainty, freedom from worry.
2. protection defense, shield, shelter, safeguard, safety, immunity, refuge, invulnerability.
3. guarantee pledge, assurance, collateral, bond, surety, escrow.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The quality or state of being safe: assurance, safeness, safety. See SAFETY. 2. Reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress: fastness, firmness, hardness, soundness, stability, stableness, steadiness, strength, sturdiness, sureness. See BETTER, CHANGE, CONTINUE. 3. The act or a means of defending: defense, guard, preservation, protection, protector, safeguard, shield, ward. See ATTACK. 4. Something given to guarantee the repayment of a loan or the fulfillment of an obligation: earnest2, guaranty, pawn1, pledge, token, warrant. See TRANSACTIONS.

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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